Posted d. 22nd May 2015

With just one game of the 2014/15 season left to go for clubs in the Barclays Premier League, one statistic which is interesting to look at (but often overlooked) is the attendance numbers for each team, and see how it compares to their position in the league. Obviously, these numbers are slightly weighted in favour of clubs with larger stadiums, since they're more likely to have higher average attendance figures. That said, you can judge the potential 'loyalty' of fans to their team by comparing how many are buying Premier League tickets with the capacity of the stadium.

As you can see below, the league table for attendance looks significantly different to the actual league table:

There are a number of interesting points to highlight here. As already mentioned, teams with a larger capacity generally tend to be towards the top of the table. This which explains why Premier League champions Chelsea are sitting down in seventh place whilst potential relegation strugglers Newcastle are comfortably in third. It's not that less people are buying Chelsea football tickets in relation to Newcastle tickets, but simply that St.James Park is able to hold more fans than Stamford Bridge. This is not always the case though, as evidenced by Aston Villa having a greater capacity than Chelsea and yet finding themselves in eleventh in average attendance figures.

Speaking of Aston Villa, they find themselves rock bottom by a clear distance when it comes to the 'loyalty' calculation, with Villa Park only being 78.9% full on average. Meanwhile, the highest fliers are West Ham, with a staggering 99.6%. Clearly, a lot of people are buying West Ham tickets! Despite being second in average attendance and accumulating a respectable 96.2%, Arsenal have perhaps the most 'fair-weather fans'. With their lowest attendance being 24,843 and the capacity of the Emirates at 60,355, it works out that the stadium was only 41.2% full for that game. On the other hand, despite their shaky start under Louis Van Gaal which saw them take two months to get into the top four, Manchester United have maintained one of the most consistent crowds throughout the whole season, with Old Trafford's lowest capacity being at 99.2%.

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