Posted d. 05th Sep 2017

Manchester United and Everton’s combined adoration for world class strikers resulted in success for both sides as Wayne Rooney replaced Romelu Lukaku for Everton and vice versa for United. The 31 year-old striker from Liverpool made his homecoming after thirteen years with the Red Devils, only to replace a striker as promising as he once was. Romelu Lukaku tallied a total of 68 goals wearing the blue shirt and is now following the footsteps that Rooney had taken over a decade ago by now calling Old Trafford home.

Lukaku first came to the Premier League in 2011 on behalf of Chelsea. Not long after a short spell on loan with West Brom. He signed with Everton where his name began to gain traction on highlight reels and newspaper headlines by breaking Everton records and racking up impressive statistics. For example, Everton’s fastest ever goal which Lukaku scored against Bournemouth in the first thirty seconds last February, a game in which he put four past the keeper altogether. It’s only been up for Romelu since then, as at the beginning of July he signed a five year contract with Manchester United.

A mammoth £75 million fee was agreed and wit three goals in his first three Premier League games it looks like being money well spent. His form makes it very probable that his fourth goal will be taken during his fourth Premier League match against Stoke City on Saturday the 9th of September and it is not too late to secure your Manchester United tickets. As well as plenty of goals, the relationships between the Manchester United players hasn’t seemed so strong in years and is definitely enough reason to watch them play at their home Old Trafford. The friendship between Paul Pogba and Lukaku off the pitch has proven just as fruitful on it, constantly causing trouble for their opponents.

Furthermore, the squad are in that good of a position that the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic doesn’t have fellow forward Lukaku worried at all. In fact he embraces the return stating that “We need his personality”. As well as Lukaku’s consistent performances for his club, he has been delivering for his country. Most recently by scoring a header in the 74th minute of the World Cup qualifier between Greece and Belgium, resulting in the Belgians becoming the first European team to qualify for next summer’s tournament. It seems that the main common factor between both Belgium and Manchester United’s immediate success is Romelu Lukaku. The question is will he now deliver on the European stage in the Champions League on Tuesday the 12th of September against Basel - It’s not the most unreasonable of bets.